Sustainability and DEI

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Environmental policy

We aim to be an environmentally friendly organisation and it is our intention to promote a policy that is focused on being green aware. A culture will be fostered within Stepping Stone Media that ensures all employees understand they can make a significant contribution to Stepping Stone Media being an environmentally friendly and green aware organisation.

Stepping Stone Media’s policy is to comply or exceed the requirements of environmental legislation and regulation.

The specifics of Stepping Stone Media’s environmental policy are as follows:

1) Stepping Stone Media will review and explore measures for the reduction of volumes of all waste materials generated by Stepping Stone Media;
2) Stepping Stone Media will explore opportunities for recycling all possible waste materials. Our ultimate aim will be to recycle any waste material that can be recycled;
3) Stepping Stone Media will aim to reduce levels of energy consumption. Stepping Stone Media will introduce working practices that requires equipment such as computers, screens, lights, phones, chargers, photocopiers and printers to be “switched off” when not in use, including during breaks and at the end of the working day. Stepping Stone Media will also ensure that heating, lighting and ventilation are used efficiently and effectively;
4) Stepping Stone Media will explore, and implement where possible, energy saving measures such as labelling switches to avoid lights and other appliances being left on when not in use, installing occupancy sensors in areas such as store cupboards, toilets and locker rooms, making use of natural light where possible, encouraging staff to use the stairs, if they can, rather than lifts, monitoring timings and temperatures of Stepping Stone Media’s heating and cooling systems to see if any energy saving adjustments can be made, checking the energy efficiency of appliances such as fridges and replacing these where necessary, and replacing kettles with instant boiling water dispensers)
5) Stepping Stone Media will aim to purchase and use energy efficient products, such as energy saving light bulbs, where possible and appropriate;
6) Stepping Stone Media will review, and improve where appropriate, the insulation and draught-proofing of its facilities;
7) additionally, Stepping Stone Media will explore whether environmentally friendly products can be purchased when buying any equipment for use within the Stepping Stone Media;
8) Stepping Stone Media will review opportunities and consider implementing measures for the reduction of the use of water;
9) Stepping Stone Media will aim to reduce levels of pollution emissions wherever possible;
10) Stepping Stone Media will use technology to reduce the need to travel, and encourage staff to use public transport or electric vehicles, where travel is unavoidable;
11) Stepping Stone Media will ensure that all employees are made aware and have access to a copy of this environmental policy. Stepping Stone Media will regularly review the policy to ensure that we are a green aware and environmentally friendly organisation.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Stepping Stone Media, we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace and community. We believe that embracing diversity in all its forms is not just the right thing to do, but it also drives creativity, innovation, and better business outcomes.

Our Commitment

Diversity: We celebrate and respect the differences that make each of us unique, including age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and more. We actively seek to diversify our team and promote inclusivity across all aspects of our business.

Inclusion: We create a culture where everyone feels welcome, valued, and heard. Our goal is to provide an environment in which diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but actively sought out, as we believe that inclusion leads to richer and more creative solutions.

Equity: We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of background, and work to remove barriers that may exist. We strive to ensure that everyone has the chance to grow and advance based on their skills, experience, and potential.

Our Actions

  • We regularly review and update our policies and procedures to ensure they align with our DEI values
  • We provide ongoing diversity and inclusion training for our team to foster understanding and empathy
  • We actively seek partnerships with diverse suppliers
  • We support community initiatives and businesses that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Pledge

We recognise that DEI is an ongoing journey, and we remain committed to improving and evolving in this regard. We understand the importance of accountability, and we encourage our employees, customers, and partners to hold us to our DEI commitments. We believe that together, we can build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable future.