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Naturally Sassy

We’ve produced a couple of recipe videos for Waitrose TV with ballerina and cookery writer, Saskia Gregson-Williams.

Her blog, Naturally Sassy, was launched in April 2014 as a response to years of living off low calorie, low fat foods due to the pressures of being a dancer and having to keep her body in shape. She realised there was a direct link between what she was eating and how she was feeling, and in an attempt to change things and eat nourishing food she started to get creative in the kitchen and went on to study nutrition.

She has since published her debut cookbook and created Ballet Blast, active workouts which she leads across London. Find out more about her philosophy here.

We filmed Sassy whizzing up two of her favourite recipes for healthy indulgences. These are now live on Waitrose TV and YouTube, while shorter edits are being used across Waitrose’s social media channels.

Take a look below:

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A post shared by Waitrose (@waitrose) on